Welcome to London’s most dynamic, world-class private cardiology practice – the One Heart Clinic.

What is the One Heart Clinic?

Practicing from many leading private health establishments across London, the One Heart Clinic team of consultant cardiologists are all internationally recognised leaders in their individual areas of expertise, and together provide a collaborative approach that puts patient care at the forefront of everything they do. Our comprehensive services and complete cardiac assessments include fresh, cutting-edge treatments coupled with exceptional, quality care at all times.

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Our Philosophy

Having carefully reviewed a typical patient's experience during their consultations and further tests, it became clear to us that there were significant areas where the patient's journey could be improved. Too often, patients were seen at times and venues that prioritised their consultants. Procedures were done at separate hospitals by physicians often unknown to either the referring doctor or the patient. At the One Heart Clinic we put the patient at the centre of everything we do. Dr Ravi Assomull, Dr Fakhar Khan and Dr Sayan Sen cover all aspects of cardiovascular care. As treatments become increasingly complex, collaborative working ensures patients at One Heart Clinic are provided with the opinion of 3 leaders in the field with the optimal treatment provided by the most appropriately skilled Cardiologist. Moreover, we aim to provide our care under one roof wherever possible. We do also ensure flexibility to see and treat patients according to their choice across 20 sites spanning the breadth of London.

All of this is offered 7 days a week.

The Consultants

Dr Ravi Assomull is an interventional cardiologist (coronary stenting) with expertise in advanced cardiovascular imaging (cardiac CT and cardiac MRI).

Dr Fakhar Khan is an electrophysiologist (heart rhythm expert) and an expert in pacemaker implantation.

Dr Sayan Sen is an interventional cardiologist who also undertakes cutting-edge transcutaneous (keyhole) aortic valve intervention (known as TAVI), cardiac CT and pacemaker implantation.

The 3 consultants are all general cardiologists with distinct areas of expertise. Their skills do overlap so that a patient never has to wait for a particular procedure should one particular consultant be away. The aim is always to get patients seen and treated on their terms and at times that suit them.